Together with Samsung we present you the first photo expo ‘God Is A DJ’. Not only Rutger made a selection of his best work through the years, Samsung also made a selection of the best Samsung TVs this moment so the whole exhibition will be a next level experience. Below we’ll give you a little more information about the TVs you are going to see when you’re walking through the expo.

When you enter the expo you’ll see a Neo QLED 8K TVs This TV brings your favorite content into sharp, lifelike focus. The 8K resolution allows you to see even the smallest details from up close clearly. The smart Neo AI Quantum Processor 8K enhances the image to 8K resolution when watching images in 4K. Thanks to the Neo QLED screen, images have powerful contrast and vivid colors. Thousands of tiny LEDs are controlled individually, making dark areas of the screen very dark and light areas of the screen very bright. The Quantum Dots provide bright color reproduction and a wide color range. Thanks to the anti-reflection layer on the screen, you hardly suffer from annoying reflections caused.

There are about 25 Samsung The Frame displays in the expo. Thanks to its thin 25-millimeter design, The Frame actually hangs flat against the wall. In the Art Mode, the light sensor in the TV senses the ambient light and adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly. Thanks to the matte display it then looks like you have a real painting or photo because of the minimal reflection of light or sun in the screen. The Slim One Connect Box makes the setup even sleeker as it reduces all cables to just one cable for data and power. Thanks to the 10-bit QLED 4K screen, everything you watch looks detailed and colorful.

Finally, in addition to the above screens, you will also find Samsung OLED TVs. This TV lets you enjoy lifelike, high-contrast images. The slim OLED screen consists of millions of pixels that individually light up or dim. This makes light areas of the image very bright and black areas very dark. This high contrast makes for lifelike images. The Quantum Dots on the screen ensure high brightness and vivid, bright colors. Thanks to the 10-bit screen, you also see every color detail clearly in the picture. In addition, the OLED TV as a very wide viewing angle, so you see the perfect image from any angle.